Chinese Speaking


  • 180 Fellowship

    Time: Every Saturday 7:30pm – 9:30pm (except for the 5th Sat. of the month)
    Venue: Laguna Chinese Baptist Church Room 105/106
    Contact Person: KC, Priscilla & Tracy at

  • Joshua

    Joshua Fellowship for Adults is one of the Adult Fellowships in Laguna Chinese Baptist Church. It was founded due to many adults, or couples settled in the Greater Sacramento area after they graduated from college or from Immigration. For the sake of pastoral care and evangelization, the church (LCBC) formed the adult fellowship and later named as Joshua Fellowship.

    We meet regularly on Friday at 8:00pm in room 211 in the ETC building. We incorporate our meeting with singing, intercession, Bible study, visitation or other activities such as movie night, picnic and out of town tour. Hope you can come to experience Christ love with us. See you on Friday.

    Contact Us

  • Canaan Fellowship

    Canaan Fellowship, which caters for Mandarin speakers, also welcomes Christians and new visitors of other languages. We meet on the first Sunday after worship every month for lunch and hymn sharing. We also have a cell group meeting from 5-7pm on the 3rd Saturday at church where we have worship, Bible study and prayers. We are closely bonded because of God’s love. At other times we contact each other by phone and email, or meet once in a while at the homes of brothers and sisters. In this big family, we care for and help each other, making an impact on others’ lives so that more Mandarin speaking people around are attracted to God.
    You are sincerely welcome to our fellowship. Let’s encourage and support each other,  learn God’s Truth, grow in His grace and work diligently together for the Gospel.
    Fellowship Precept: ” Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! “
    Contact person: Kenneth Huang, Steffi Foo, Beth Kwong
  • Ruth

    Women who are divorced or widowed can find spiritual support. Chinese-speaking single mothers meet together as a group known as the Ruth Fellowship. To get more information, contact English-speaking women meet in a group known as the Naomi Fellowship. To get more information, contact Both groups are designed to: Help each woman to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Reach out to single mothers outside the church. Pray for growing and healthy relationships with God and with others. Engage in meaningful activities for single mothers. Monthly meeting times and location are posted on the church bulletin board.

  • Women’s Missionary Union

    WMU is made up of Cantonese-speaking women. Its goal is to help women keep God’s word in their hearts, live a Christ-like life, keep a humble heart , learn from others, encourage others, grow together, and also keep a thankful heart to worship God. Women meet to sing hymns of praise, share prayer requests and praises to God, and enjoy a meal together. For more information, please contact Ting Lam at . Where:  Room 106 When:  Saturdays, once a month at 9:30 a.m.

  • Eden

    Eden fellowship is made up of married, Cantonese-speaking couples. They study the Bible with other married couples and worship God with songs and a time of prayer. Small groups meet in various leaders’ home mostly on second and fourth Fridays around 7:30 PM. For more information, please contact Philip and Chi Wong at hung_yau_wong